Care & Maintenance.

Free Drainage can be achieved by placing any irregular pieces of slate, roof tile, broken pot,
pot feet etc at the base of the pots before filling it with compost.

: our ceramic pots are hand made, fired to a high temperature and are
frost proof.The weathering process will give this product a natural patina which is pleasing
to many. A light application of highly diluted bleach to the external surface of the pot can be
used to clean the pots if required and wiping them over with a light coating of boiled linseed oil,
will make the pots look like brand new.

ZINC POTS: The lightweight zinc products are best lined with polythene or butyl rubber
before planting.This will prevent corrosion from the inside. Zinc can tarnish. This can be
prevented by wiping periodically with a cloth soaked with boiled linseed oil.

RUSTIC & ATLANTIS RANGE: The stone is soft and porous and a very mild bleach solution can
be used to clean the surfaces and then coated with a stone sealer such as creoseal or similar.

LITE & TERRAZOO RANGE: generally require no maintenance at all, beyond the occasional wipe
over with a damp cloth to remove splash up.