Our stone mosaic tile is made from tumbled natural stone. Each pieces of tumbled stone is collected individually by hand and glued on the mesh using special adhesives. The tiles is packed in carton box and is available in sizes of 30x30cm, 50x50 cm and other requested sizes.

Flat Grey Flat Green Flat Black Flat Sandstone
Flat Cream Flat 2 colour mix Flat Onyx Flat White
Flat Red
Round Quail Round Pink Round White Round 2 colour mix
Round Grey Round Cream Round Green Round Smoke Black
Round Sandstone Round Turtle Round Black
Cube Black Cube Red Cube Brown Cube White
Cube Green
Rectangular White Rectangular Red Rectangular Brown Rectangular Green
Rectangular Grey Rectangular Black


Lava Stone

Island Palm

Purwo Block

Rainforest Green

Purwo Wall Tile

RT Green

Straight Chisel

Ripple Chisel Grey

Ripple Chisel Green

Wave Chisel Grey

Wave Chisel Black

Track Chisel Grey

Straight Track

Straight and Ripple Chisel White

Saw TrackRipple Chisel

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